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Basic Electronics

SEMICONDUCTOR DIODES AND APPLICATIONS: p-n junction diode, Characteristics and Parameters, Diode approximations, DC load line analysis, Half-wave rectifier, Two-diode Full-wave rectifier, Bridge rectifier, Capacitor filter circuit , Zener diode voltage regulators: Regulator circuit with no load, Loaded Regulator.

BIPOLAR JUNCTION TRANSISTORS: BJT operation, BJT Voltages and Currents, BJT amplification, Common Base, Common Emitter and Common Collector Characteristics, Numerical examples as applicable.

INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS: Ideal OPAMP, Inverting and Non Inverting OPAMP circuits, OPAMP applications: voltage follower, addition, subtraction, integration, differentiation; Numerical examples as applicable.

DIGITAL ELECTRONICS : Introduction, Switching and Logic Levels,

NUMBER SYSTEMS: Decimal Number System, Binary Number System, Converting Decimal to Binary, Hexadecimal , Converting Binary to Hexadecimal, Hexadecimal to Binary, Converting Hexadecimal to Decimal, Converting Decimal to Hexadecimal, Octal Numbers: Binary to Octal Conversion. Complement of Binary Numbers. Boolean Algebra Theorems, De Morgan’s theorem.

DIGITAL CIRCUITS: Logic gates, NOT Gate, AND Gate, OR Gate, XOR Gate, NAND Gate, NOR Gate, X-NOR Gate. Algebraic Simplification, NAND and NOR Implementation NAND Implementation, NOR Implementation.

Advanced C Concepts


INTRODUCTION TO 'C' LANGUAGE: Variables, identifiers, data types. Variable definition, arithmetic operators and expressions, constants and literals, simple assignment statement, basic input/output statement, simple 'c' programs

CONDITIONAL STATEMENTS AND LOOPS: Relational operators, logical connectives, if statement, if-else statement, loops: while loop, do while, for loop. Nested loops, infinite loops, switch statement, programming

ARRAYS: One dimensional arrays: array manipulation; searching, insertion, deletion of an element from an array; finding the largest/smallest element in an array; two dimensional arrays, addition/multiplication of two matrices, transpose of a square matrix; strings as array of characters,

FUNCTIONS: Top-down approach of problem solving, modular programming and functions, standard library of c functions, prototype of a function: parameter list, return type, function call, passing arguments to a function, recursive functions, arrays as function arguments

STRUCTURES & UNION: Structure variables, initialization, structure assignment, nested structure, structures and functions, structures and arrays: arrays of structures, structures containing arrays, union

POINTERS: Address operators, pointer type declaration, pointer assignment, pointer initialization, pointer arithmetic, functions and pointers, arrays and pointers, pointer arrays

PIC Microcontroller

INTRODUCTION TO PIC: architecture of PIC16F877A


PERIPHERAL FEATURES: Timers, Capture, Compare, PWM Modules, Analog-To-Digital Converter, Synchronous Serial Port (SSP) With SPI (Master Mode) And I2C (Master/Slave),Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (USART/SCI) ,Parallel Slave Port (PSP) 8-Bits Wide, With External Rd, Wr And Cs Controls Brown-Out Detection Circuitry For Brown-Out Reset (BOR)

PROGRAMMING IN EMBEDDED C: I/O Port Programming, Timers, Capture, Compare, PWM, ADC, I2C, SPI, USART, PSP

INTERFACING MICROCONTROLLER WITH: Keypad, Seven Segment Display, LCD16x2, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, PC, I2C Slave Devices, SPI Slave Devises, RFID, ZIGBEE, GSM, GPS, RTC & Etc


CORTEX-M3 BASICS: Registers, General Purpose Registers, Stack Pointer, Link Register, Program Counter, Special Registers, Operation Mode, Exceptions and Interrupts, Vector Tables, Stack Memory Operations, Reset Sequence.

CORTEX-M3 IMPLEMENTATION OVERVIEW: Pipeline, Block Diagram, Bus Interfaces on Cortex-M3, I-Code Bus, D-Code Bus, System Bus, External PPB and DAP Bus.

EXCEPTIONS: Exception Types, Priority, Vector Tables, Interrupt Inputs and Pending Behavior, Fault Exceptions, Supervisor Call and Pendable Service Call.

NVIC: Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller Overview, Basic Interrupt Configuration, Software Interrupts and SYSTICK Timer.

INTERRUPT BEHAVIOR: Interrupt/Exception Sequences, Exception Exits, Nested Interrupts, Tail-Chaining Interrupts, Late Arrivals and Interrupt Latency

CORTEX-M3 PROGRAMMING: Overview, Typical Development Flow, Using C, CMSIS (Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard)

EXCEPTION PROGRAMMING: Using Interrupts, Exception/Interrupt Handlers, Software Interrupts, Vector Table Relocation. Memory Protection Unit and other Cortex-M3 features: MPU Registers, Setting Up the MPU, Power Management, Multiprocessor Communication.

STM32L15xxx ARM Cortex M3: Memory and Bus Architecture, Power Control, Reset and Clock Control. STM32L15xxx Peripherals: GPIOs, System Configuration Controller, NVIC, ADC, Comparators, GP Timers, USART.


INTRODUCTION ON TO MATLAB: Desktop tool and development environment, matrices and arrays mathematics graphics programming external interfaces

CREATING ROBUST APPLICATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: Create robust applications that withstand unexpected input and produce meaningful errors. Use built-in MATLAB functions and programming constructs, and employ standard techniques for handling error conditions. Use integrated tools to manage code, diagnose problems, debug applications, and measure performance.

STRUCTURING CODE AND DATA :Modularize code into readable and maintainable functions. Explore the different function types available in the MATLAB language and the tradeoffs associated with each type. See how function type affects the performance and reliability of the code. Explore choices for storing data within a MATLAB application and how they affect the application's storage requirements and execution time.

INTRODUCTION TO GUI: Introduction to graphical user interface. Create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using GUIDE, the MATLAB graphical user interface development environment, and how to create GUIs programmatically.

INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING: Introduction to Digital image processing and Image processing toolbox. Fundamentals of image processing using MATLAB and the Image Processing Toolbox software.

Internet Of Things

INTRODUCTION TO IOT: Why IoT? How IoT is changing the world? Applications of IoT: environmental monitoring, industrial & home automation, transport, medical etc System components of IoT The Thing The Local Network/Sensor Network

HARDWARE OVERVIEW OF IoT: The Arduino platform &its programming concepts Different sensors used in things interaction in IoT application development &their interfacing techniques: LDR, photodiodes, Temperature sensor LM35, Ultra-Sonics, Acceleration

WORKING WITH ESP8266 WIFI MODULE: Introduction to ESP8266 : WiFi Module/SOC with integrated TCP/IP protocol stack Programming tools to program ESP 8266 Arduino setup for ESP8266 Hardware, pin details and UART communication basics Writing Arduino program for basic I/O interfacing Making ESP8266 web server & locally controlling LED Assessing the sensor connected to ESP8266 through web interface

CLOUD PLATFORM FOR IoT WEB APP DEVELOPMENT & CONTROL: Understanding Easy IoT cloud interface, Interfacing ESP8266 to the IoT cloud Accessing the ESP8266 Sensor and controlling lights/devices from anywhere over internet using, IoT cloud

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